Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Time for accountability.

Democrats if you want an end of the war, stop funding it. It is as simple as that. Passing these supplemental bills are nothing more than a victory for the republicans as they are showing the great division within the Democratic party. The most recent supplemental passed by the narrowest margin 218-212 and is guaranteed to be vetoed by the president. And in order to get the 218 votes they did receive, the party leaders had to bully the anti-war caucus and include add ons to essentially “buy” others votes.

What needs to be done is to vote on Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s proposed bill H.R. 1234. This bill calls for the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops being replaced with a international security force. This is exactly what 70% of Americans want isn’t it? Withdrawal. End the War.

And as reality has it this bill would have very little chance to pass at 2/3 level, since anything that does pass at anything less will be vetoed. But it will accomplish one thing, and that is we will know where each and everyone of the congressmen stand on truly ending this war, and we can make our vote heard in 2008 by getting rid of who lied in 2006 using the anti-war platform.

It is time for accountability and until congresses voice is proportionate with the peoples voice this war will continue and sadly many more will die.

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DV said...

Many more will die if you end this war prematurely. Iran will take over and your gas prices will skyrocket. Al-Quadea will have a safe haven to launch further attacks against us. Do you liberals ever think at all?