Friday, March 16, 2007

Time for Action on Iraq

The following article is from Dennis Kucinich's presidential campaign website and encourages citizen action in ending the Iraq War.

Time for Action on Iraq

Democratic leaders are poised to give President Bush another $120 billion ($120,000,000,000) for the war, more than enough money to keep our troops in Iraq through the end of his term and enough money to expand the war into Iran. Democratic leaders want to fund the war while saying they oppose the war. They are promising to use the war as a campaign issue against Republicans in 2008.

We do not have time to discern whether the leaders who say they are for peace yet vote for war are motivated by sincerity, self-deception or duplicity.

We need to mobilize now to contact Members of Congress to vote against further funding of the war. If the war is to be brought to an end, then Members of Congress must hear from you. Your efforts will make a difference.

Remember last year when Democrats ran TV commercials against Republicans attacking them for supporting the war? Democrats were brought to power in the House and the Senate because of the war. Now, in the first 100 days in a Democratic Congress; it is the Democrats who are raising the banner of war in the name of the troops, in the name of the Constitution, in the name of national security and in your name. Voila! The Democratic version of the war in Iraq.

The Democratic Party is at a turning point. Either we take this nation out of Iraq by cutting off funds NOW or we will forfeit the trust and the confidence of the American people. There will be consequences for Democrats funding the war.

Please join the thousands of citizen activists who are coming to Washington in the next 10 days to meet with Members of Congress to demand an end to the war and a real plan for stabilizing Iraq. Tell them about my bill, HR 1234, the plan to end the Iraq war.

HR 1234 is the plan that will end the occupation, close the bases, bring the troops home, make Halliburton and all contractors come home and stabilize Iraq with an international peace-keeping and security force. HR 1234 will restore Iraq’s sovereignty over its oil, control its food and energy prices and protect its financial integrity by ensuring Iraq will not be the target of World Bank and IMF structural adjustment policies.

Please read HR 1234 before you meet with Members of Congress. This bill, crafted with the consultation of senior UN advisors with expertise in international peace-keeping and security missions, military experts and principals of the international political community is the plan that will end the occupation, bring our troops home and stabilize Iraq.

HR 1234 - Spread the word!

Thank you, Dennis

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