Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Barack Obama tops the Democratic Primary Poll for 4th straight month.

Barack Obama topped the Democratic Primary Poll 2008 hosted by Put Peace in the Whitehouse in 2008 for the 4th consecutive month. In the monthly online poll, random online voters are asked what announced or expected Democratic candidate will they vote for in the 2008 Democratic Primary, and a total of 1314 votes were cast in the month of April. Obama received 34% (441 votes) of the total. Dennis Kucinich came in a strong and surprising 2nd with 23% (297 votes). John Edwards finished in 3rd place with 14% (181 votes) followed by Bill Richardson 10% (131 votes), Hillary Clinton 9% (124 votes), Joe Biden 4% (53 votes) and Al Gore 4% (51 votes).

Here is a total rundown of the results.

Barack Obama441 votes34%
Dennis Kucinich297 votes23%
John Edwards181 votes14%
Bill Richardson131 votes10%
Hillary Clinton124 votes9%
Joe Biden53 votes4%
Al Gore51 votes4%
Chris Dodd23 votes2%
Mike Gravel11 votes1%
Wes Clark2 votes0%

April winners and losers.


Dennis Kucinich +12%
John Edwards +6%
Bill Richardson +5%
Joe Biden +3%
Chris Dodd +1%
Mike Gravel +1%

Hillary Clinton -13%
Barack Obama -8%
Wes Clark -4%
Al Gore -2%

If your favorite isn’t where you thought they should be, let your voice be heard and vote. To vote in the May poll go to the link below.


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