Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Hurry Our Health Care System Needs CPR

The United States Health Care System is despicably in ruins. The cold hard facts of the Unites States Health Care System puts us near the very bottom of all industrialized nations. In the United States there is a line drawn in the sand and it is the more money you have the better health care you receive.

# of Americans with no health insurance - Approximately 45 million or 1 in 6.5 Americans

# of Americans with minimal health insurance - Approximately 45 million or 1 in 6.5 Americans

So nearly 1 in 3 Americans have little or no health insurance.

1 in 2 Poor Americans go without health insurance each year.

So that explains why the current health care system we have in place cost 18,000 Americans their lives each year.

Citizens of 34 nations live longer than Americans.

The World Health Organization has ranked our health care system 37th worldwide for health care performance.

It is time for us to revive the American dream and offer a basic right to all Americans. The right to health care for all is already written and embodied in H.R.676 the Conyers-Kucinich Bill. The bill is written by John Conyers and Dennis Kucinich and is co sponsored by 78 members of congress. The plan covers all health care needs, including dental care, mental care, vision care, prescription drugs and long-term care. Its a not for profit, medicare for all and is supported by more than 14,000 physicians nationwide. So if you are one in three with little or no health care, I recommend you give your congressman a call and tell them you want them to support H.R.676 the Conyers-Kucinich Bill.



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Sumit K said...

Absolutely no sources. No one is ever going to take you seriously without sources.