Sunday, May 6, 2007

Social Networking in the Democratic Party Week 5: Clinton takes top spot on MySpace while Kucinich makes move on YouTube


FriendsNet Gain from last weekLast weeks power ranking
#1 Hillary Clinton55638+26556 2
#2 John Edwards31557+5378 3
#3 Barack Obama39842- 1
#4 Dennis Kucinich14438+5956 4
#5 Bill Richardson10362+1958 5
#6 Joe Biden7436+2275 6
#7 Chris Dodd4812+1244 7

There was a mix up this past week on MySpace. It turns out that Barack Obama campaign was using a supportor made profile as his campaign profile. The supportor made profile is now not part of the campaign, as the campaign officially launched a campaign profile. Due to this situation I have dropped Obama from the top spot in which he occupied the first 4 weeks down to 3rd spot in the power rankings. Hillary Clinton is now on top of the power rankings. Clinton had a great week distancing herself from the pack by adding (26,556) new friends this week. John Edwards is staying steady so I bumped him up to 2nd place this week in wake of the Obama fallout. The second tier candidate race is beginning to get interesting as it seems Dennis Kucinich's campaign is really working on maximizing his exposure with the social networks. Kucinich had a very strong week by adding (5,986) new friends this week, if this continues we could see him challenging the big 3 this summer. For the rest of the second tier, everything remained pretty steady with Joe Biden continuing to close in on Bill Richardson with Chris Dodd stumbling around hopelessly.


SubscribersNet Gain from last weekLast weeks power ranking
#1 Barack Obama5242+254 2
#2 Dennis Kucinich1283+462 4
#3 John Edwards2614+153 1
#4 Hillary Clinton1787+133 3
#5 Joe Biden534+49 6
#6 Bill Richardson563+34 5
#7 Mike Gravel678- -
#8 Chris Dodd200+21 7

Barack Obama reclaimed the top spot on YouTube as he had yet another strong week. The suprise of the week was Dennis Kucinich, as he had the most new subscriptions (462). Kucinich is becoming a a favorite on YouTube as he has responded directly back to several other YouTubers. That could become a trademark of the Kucinich campaign if he continues with the brillant idea. Due to his strong showing I moved Kucinich up to 2nd place to see if he can repeat his showing. John Edwards' run of great weeks slowed quite abit so he feel down to 3rd in the power rankings. Hillary Clinton is not making as big of splash as other canididates on video but as of right now she don't need to. Second tier candidates lost Dennis Kucinich for at least a week but added Mike Gravel. Gravel was finally added to the YouChoose promotion which now makes him a factor. Joe Biden moved past Bill Richardson for 5th spot this week as this looks to be a long term dogfight. Gravel entered in 7th place in the power rankings as he has a nice stash of subscriptions(678). Chris Dodd is just not making any ground in either social network and probally will be holding the rear down for some time.

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