Friday, August 24, 2007

Forcing American Democracy on Iraq

When we invaded Iraq in March of 2003, most Americans backed the presidents plan of overthrowing Saddam Hussein's brutal dictatorship. But should we have been so willing to accept the presidents decision? A deep look points out that maybe we should have stayed home and fixed our own democracy before forcing it on unwilling countries.

The democracy that Americans have come to accept is far from what are forefathers intended. Our democracy is so morally decayed it may never be saved from ruin. We have come to the point that teacher/student sex is widespread, politicians having affairs with interns and hookers is weekly news, violence in schools is at epidemic proportions and the news reporting about our children's role model getting another slap on the wrist for a driving under the influence is constant.

Where has America's morals gone? Is that the kind of democracy we need to be spreading worldwide?

Under the Hussein regime, which was admittedly a very brutal regime, Iraqis did have a sense of life. The fathers would go to work, the kids would go to school, the mothers would go to the market and the families would pray with little fear. Now fear rules Iraq and doing a simple chore like going to the market makes a family wonder if they could be walking into their death of a suicide bombing. And that is the people who can afford the market. Very few people have any money because we have bombed every school, place of employment and mosque.

So will Iraq ever end their civil war and have peace? Not while we are there. The people of Iraq have no interest in the corrupt model of democracy we have laid for them to follow. Will they ever grasp democracy by the horns and reap the benefits? They just might someday, but we better hope that it is better than our morally decayed version.

Our country needs to stop policing the world and come home and fix ourselves. Not one person should go homeless, uninsured and unable to afford higher education if we can afford to drop 10 million dollar bombs around the globe.



Brad said...

Precisely. I would completely support a democratic (truly democratic that is) country who wanted to intervene worldwide in order to improve the lives of others. In fact, I would demand that it intervene. However, the US is a far, far, FAR cry away from the model that should be suggested (or imposed) upon others. Our government scoffs at the notion of democracy, and freedom only means the freedom to exploit nowadays.

Brad said...

Also, I was curious. You have Kucinich's '10 key issues' over on the side there. Is this still something that the campaign is putting out there, because I didn't see it on the official website?