Monday, August 13, 2007

Social Networking in the Democratic Party Week 19: Tracking the electronic campaign.

Starting this week I have added Facebook to the list of Social Networking sites I will be tracking. This will give us 3 major sites that are being used by the democratic campaigns to drum up support for their respective campaigns. By watching these sites you can spot trends forming and who knows maybe one of the lower tier candidates might catch fire online and catapult themselves to the front of the pack come January.


SupportersNet Gain from last weekLast weeks power ranking
#1 Barack Obama128229
#2 Hillary Clinton35276
#3 John Edwards15104
#4 Dennis Kucinich7025
#5 Bill Richardson5162
#6 Joe Biden4409
#7 Mike Gravel3831
#8 Chris Dodd1224


FriendsNet Gain from last weekLast weeks power ranking
#1 Barack Obama163382+3314 1
#2 Hillary Clinton129940+2593 2
#3 John Edwards47320+218 3
#4 Joe Biden14045+332 7
#5 Bill Richardson20828+188 5
#6 Chris Dodd8715+283 8
#7 Dennis Kucinich28064-39 4
#8 Mike Gravel8946+241 6

Barack Obama: Very Strong Week.

Hillary Clinton: Very Strong Week.

John Edwards: Very Poor Week.

Joe Biden: Poor Week.

Bill Richardson: Very Poor Week.

Chris Dodd: Poor Week.

Dennis Kucinich: Very Poor Week.

Mike Gravel: Very Poor Week.


SubscribersNet Gain from last weekLast weeks power ranking
#1 Barack Obama10023+268 1
#2 Dennis Kucinich2880+178 3
#3 Hillary Clinton5151+101 2
#4 John Edwards3705+64 5
#5 Mike Gravel2524+66 4
#6 Joe Biden1173+52 6
#7 Bill Richardson1429+29 7
#8 Chris Dodd618+16 8

Barack Obama: Very Strong Week.

Dennis Kucinich: Strong Week.

Hillary Clinton: Strong Week.

John Edwards: Consistent Week.

Mike Gravel: Consistent Week

Joe Biden: Consistent Week.

Bill Richardson: Poor Week.

Chris Dodd: Very Poor Week.


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