Thursday, August 9, 2007

My vote to authorize the War in Iraq was a mistake and I want to change it.....

Those are words muttered by a few of the Democratic Presidential hopefuls. But are they really sorry or they just playing to whatever the increasing number of Americans want to hear. Lets take a quick examination and see what we come up with.

John Edwards voted to authorize the war and now seems to be the most outspoken of his regretfulness of that vote. But you have to remember that he can say he has been against the war soon after the initial vote because we will never know how he would have votedthe past half dozen war appropriations. Could it be that he is jobless, his political tank is running on empty, and he is making that one last push for the dream. That would be my guess.

Chris Dodd also voted to authorize the war and has had a change of heart here of late. Up until the last appropriations for the war, Senator Dodd had continued to support the war after voting for it initially. But once it became clear that the Iraq War was going to be a central issue of this campaign due to its increasing unpopulatrity, he jumped to the side of calling his Iraq vote a mistake. Dodd has been a senator of Connecticut for the past 26 years. The 5 term senator is now 63 years old meaning he isn't a spring chicken anymore. My guess is he is fulfilling a dream of his that he can say he once ran for president and hopefully get himself a cabinet position.

Hillary Clinton also voted to authorize the War in Iraq and has had a change in heart towards the war yet can't admit her vote as a mistake, she rather word it I was tricked. Up until the last appropriations for the war, Senator Clinton had continued to support the war after voting for it initially. Senator Clinton though is a rock star and the way she does things are scripted and always right according to MSM. The New York senator never answers the question and veers completely off course when asked it. But what do you expect from a repubocrat. She is big money, she is what republicans want, as she will be a deer in headlights if she makes it to the general election.

When looking at the big picture maybe they did make a mistake and sincerely regret their vote, but it was a crucial mistake that has cost 3700 American lives to date. And if you make a mistake to that degree you should not even be considered for the highest office in the land. Costing 3700 brave men and women their lives is a mistake we can not take a chance of happening again. They were supplied the intel and if they didn't read all the intel, then they should actually be fired from the posts they currently do hold,if any, because they failed there constituents.



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