Friday, April 13, 2007

Barack Obama is top choice in's Virtual Town Hall Meeting on the Iraq War

Barack Obama was the top choice in's first ever "virtual town hall meeting" on Tuesday April 10, 2007. is a progressive community of 3.3 million Americans who work on education and advocacy on important national issues. This was the first of three "virtual town hall meetings" that will host this year. The topic of the meeting was the Iraq War with the other two meetings scheduled for this summer on the issues of Health Care and Global Warming. members were polled on who has the best plan for the Iraq War after the meeting and here are the results.

Sen. Barack Obama 28%
Sen. John Edwards 25%
Rep. Dennis Kucinich 17%
Gov. Bill Richardson 12%
Sen. Hillary Clinton 11%
Sen. Joe Biden 6%
Sen. Chris Dodd 1%

Barack Obama and John Edwards slugged it out for the win, with Obama taking it by a slim margin of 28%-25%. This result was not of a surprise as these two candidates are top tier candidates and are polling high nationally.

Surprise of the night had to be Dennis Kucinich. The members of the community really loved his plan to end the war placing him third with 17%. This is a great result for a guy who has been only polling 1-2% so far nationally.

Hillary Clinton's campaign had to go away very disappointed by only scoring 11% and finishing a miserable fifth place in the seven candidate show. Clinton had been polling in the high 30% bracket the entire race so far. Could this be the beginning of a downward spiral for the media made Clinton? Lets hope so!!

Bill Richardson and Joe Biden also were able to steal some of the votes away from Clinton on the night. Richardson polled 12% which is excellent for the New Mexico Governor who has been polling 3-4%. Biden polled 6% compared to his normal 2-3%. And finally Chris Dodd, well he didn't do much of anything as he polled his normal 1%.

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