Thursday, April 12, 2007

One World United

This is a great video I found made by a Dennis Kucinich Supporter. In my opinion it is one of the best political videos I have ever seen.

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Dave Peter said...

Dennis Kucinich is the ONLY candidate with a solid anti war voting record. The other senators and congressional reps have voted in favor of continuing the war until 2009 at least. I am not willing to sacrifice any more G.I.'s for this obscene profit making war for the elitists in this country. Kucinich's plan in HR1234 would have our troops out of Iraq in 3 months, it would also end Halliburton's exploitation of the Iraqi people and stop the U.S. hired mercenary force Blackwater from committing war crimes and torturing Iraqis.

Dennis Kucinich also has a plan for a real universal health CARE(not insurance) system - single payer not for profit which would stop insurance adjusters from making medical decisions on whether or not physician ordered medical treatment plans are acceptable.

Dennis Kucinich also stands up for working people, he would withdraw from NAFTA and CAFTA, free trade agreements which benefit the corporate robber barons and destroy the middle class by exporting good paying jobs to third world countries where workers can be exploited, intimidated, or murdered by union busting goon squads.

Dennis Kucinich is clean, he takes no corporate money, that is why corporate media paint him as having no chance, they can buy him off. He is a candidate of and for the people.

I have seen Obama speak twice here in Las Vegas, he wowed me the first time I heard him, but he was speaking about his history and his vision, nothing solid on issues. The second time I saw him was at the SEIU Presidential Candidate Forum on Health Care at UNLV. I was greatly disappointed as he had no health care plan and I thought it was a poor decision of a presidential candidate to speak at a forum full of union health care workers and not have a plan to discuss when that was the subject matter of the forum. I beleive Obama needs one more term in the Senate to gather a voting record before I could make a decision to support him.

I saw all the candidates except Biden at this forum. Edwards still has his vote on the war as baggage and as a veteran and step father of an active duty soldier I don't accept apologies for not doing the work to see if the information provided by the Bush/Cheney cabal was true. When committing our young servicemembers to war, do the damn work. I was not impressed with his health care plan as the insurance companies are still running the show.

Clinton was good at working the audience but as much as I would like to support a woman presidential candidate, Clinton is not the one, she is too hawkish and would keep up to 50,000 troops in Iraq for an unspecified time. She said the right things about health insurance, but failed to go all the way and call for a single payer health care system.

This brings me back to Kucinich, if you want to see his plans spelled out in detail go to his web page and see real well thought workable plans for peace and health care, ending the repression of civil rights, and dealing fairly with working family issues.

He is a man of peace, of vision, and incorruptable. Do not buy into the corporate media's spin that he is not electable, when progressive people hear his message they agree, they just don't follow his words of wisdom "If you want peace, vote for peace". It is up to the grassroots Kucinich supporters to spread that message far and wide since he will never compete with the corporate campaign contributions flowing to the Edwards, Obama, and Clinton camps.

Dave Peter
Core Kucinich Nevada
Veterans for Peace
Las Vegas Out of Iraq Coalitio
Nevada Workers Against the War
SEIU Local 1107