Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Obama: Kucinich has a devil-may-care attitude

Last night (April 9, 2007) Barack Obama appeared on the Late Night with David Letterman Show. The following exchange took place during the interview.

Letterman: “Yes, a high profile of powerful, well-respected individuals. Yourself and Hilary Clinton are two that come to mind. Is having those well known, those highly qualified desirable candidates running for the nomination, is that healthy for the party?”

Obama: “I think it is good. We’ve got terrific candidates, not just myself and Hillary. You’ve got John Edwards, who’s run a terrific campaign so far; Bill Richardson, a terrific governor; I’ve got a couple of colleagues, Chris Dodd and Joe Biden and Dennis Kucinich from Congress, and so we’ve got a great collection of candidates.”

Letterman: (laughs) “Now, you’re kidding about Kucinich, right?” (audience laughs)

Obama:: “ No, no, you know, he, uh, he spices things up, you know. He has that devil-may-care-attitude that I think is healthy for a presidential race.”


Sounds like Senator Obama thinks it is ok to take cheap shots at other candidates. It appears that Obama thinks Kucinich is nothing more than a happy, reckless individual in other words the jester, the guy to poke fun of on the campaign trail.

I think this is very unappropriate behavior coming from Senator Obama. If Senator Biden can't call him articulate or FOX news make a joke about GW Bush with Obama's name in it then he has no grounds to take cheap shots at other candidates. It seems like Obama is protected under some media classification of "Choosen One" when it comes to what can and can not be said.


tom said...

Well, I was more upset at Hillary Clinton being described as a "desirable candidate" I would never want that woman in charge...

smartgirlinillinois said...

Hillary is a liar and Barack is inexperienced. Need I say more...Does Obama really believe he can run a nation? Illinois is sinking!!!! Try doing some work for your home state buddy!!!