Friday, April 20, 2007

John Edwards has some not so nice friends.

I was browsing presidential profiles tonight on MySpace and made a very alarming discovery, John Edwards has some not so nice friends on his page.

Here are some of the comments his friends have left for him:

On Apr 19 2007 @ 7:59A Adam said

You are a poor excuse for a candidate and have no business running. For the good of the party and the nation, please drop out and don't take votes and funds away from someone who has a real chance.

On Apr 19 2007 @ 7:56P Jenna said now has a live chat...and's all FREE! You don't even need to create a profile! Simply type in a user name and go! Remember...Anything Goes on!

On Apr 19 2007 @ 10:02P George said

you fricking coward stay in Iraq till we win, gun stealing lair!

The scantly clad Jenna is nothing more that a advertisement for a porn site. If you click on her profile you see several banner ads for porn sites. So it looks like John Edwards is promoting porn on his MySpace page. Advice to the Edwards campaign get less $400 haircuts and spend some of the money you will save on getting a moderator for your MySpace page. MySpace is a revolutionary tool in this election cycle and will be viewed by millions of young people. What kind of example are you setting by promoting porn on your page?

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