Tuesday, April 10, 2007

First 100 days of 2007 in Iraq

Today was the 100th day of the year of 2007 and the Iraq War is continuing with no end in site. During these first 100 days the 4th anniversary of the start of Iraqi Freedom has come and gone, so has the 4th anniversary of our capture of Baghdad. The most alarming happening in Iraq in the first 100 days is the loss of 289 American lives. That is above comprehension, at the pace we are on we will lose 1,055 brave young men and women this year alone. That would make for the deadliest year in Iraq during the entire war, with the previous deadliest being in 2004 with 849 casualties.

Mr. President what the hell are we doing? I thought the troops surge that is going into its 3rd month was going to curb the violence. It looks to be doing the exact opposite as what you said, the casualties are mounting at the highest rate in the entire 4 year occupation. We the people of this fine land have had enough and demand action now. The only solution is a immediate withdrawal, anything less is going to continue the spiral downward. The plan that seems to make the most sence is already drafted and can be found embodied in H.R. 1234

H.R. 1234 is a bill sponsored by Congressman and Democratic Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich (D-OH). The key components of the bill would bring our troops home now with the help of the U.N. Security Council who would replace our troops with NATO peace keeping troops. Along with bringing our troops home it would help us rebuild relations with a world who have had it with our thuggish ways. It is a great workable plan take a few minutes and look into it yourself.

H.R. 1234


smartgirlinillinois said...

Death, Destruction and Blood Shed....it's everywhere man I tell you. Whatever happened to peace on Earth and love your brother....this summer will be 40 years since the summer of love...i say it's time for a reunion with some new faces....It is time to stand together and let our lovelight shine....

steph rivera said...

You have a great blog website! I really admire your ingenuity, especially in the face of the media's blackout on Kucinich's programs. I think with supporters like you and others who are coming together with strategies to push Dennis's candidacy out in front, we will see some startling results by the end of this year. Keep up the good work!