Sunday, April 29, 2007

Social Networking in the Democratic Party Week 4: Kucinich makes move on MySpace while Edwards takes top spot on YouTube


FriendsNet Gain from last weekLast weeks power ranking
#1 Barack Obama152137+28150 1
#2 Hillary Clinton29082+10070 2
#3 John Edwards26179+6002 3
#4 Dennis Kucinich8482+4356 5
#5 Bill Richardson8404+3417 4
#6 Joe Biden5161+2256 6
#7 Chris Dodd3568+1860 7

Barack Obama remains the trend-setter in Week 4 on MySpace, as he continues to pick up more friends than any other candidate. Hillary Clinton continues to build a cushion between herself and John Edwards as she has now outfriended Edwards three consecutive weeks. Second tier candidates are a considerible distance behind the top tier candidates and they all had decent weeks by their standards by each adding over 1500 friends each. Second tier candidate of the week goes to Dennis Kucinich. Kucinich made the only move in the power rankings, moving past Bill Richardson after a super week.


SubscribersNet Gain from last weekLast weeks power ranking
#1 John Edwards2461+603 2
#2 Barack Obama4988+303 1
#3 Hillary Clinton1654+134 3
#4 Dennis Kucinich821+80 4
#5 Bill Richardson529+52 5
#6 Joe Biden485+47 6
#7 Chris Dodd179+16 7

John Edwards stopped Barack Obama's dominance on YouTube. I have moved Edwards up to the top of the power rankings after his second consecutive strong week. He received (300) more subscriptions than Obama. Hillary Clinton did not fair as well on YouTube this past week as she barely beat out second tier candidates in subscriptions received. Second tier candidates are a considerible distance behind the top tier candidates but Dennis Kucinich is slowly distancing himself out of the crowd and with his impeachment of Cheney now filed, I could see him get even stronger in the coming weeks. The best matchup I see over the next few weeks will be Bill Richardson and Joe Biden. Richardson is only (44) subscriptions ahead of Biden. One thing for certain is Chris Dodd has no support coming in on the social networks to date. Over the past 3 weeks, Dodd has gained only (41) YouTube subscriptions which is not going to cut it for a candidate needing to spread his meassage.

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