Saturday, April 21, 2007

Social Networking in the Democratic Party Week 3: Obama is everybodys friend on MySpace while Edwards has the strongest week on YouTube


FriendsNet Gain from last weekLast weeks power ranking
#1 Barack Obama123987+23481 1
#2 Hillary Clinton19012+8851 2
#3 John Edwards20177+1845 3
#4 Bill Richardson4987+2503 4
#5 Dennis Kucinich4126+1973 5
#6 Joe Biden2905+1327 6
#7 Chris Dodd1708+1006 7

Barack Obama remains the trend-setter in Week 3 on MySpace as he continues to pick up more friends than any other candidate. In fact this past week Obama added more friends that any other candidate has total friends. The past week was also very productive for Hillary Clinton as she friended as many people as any of the second tier candidates have total friends. John Edwards had a very dismal week as 4 other candidates added more friends than him. Second tier candidates are a considerible distance behind the top tier candidates and they all had decent weeks by their standards by each adding over 1000 friends each. The candidate I have my eye on is Bill Richardson. Richardson added 2500 friends this week which was 3rd best. If he continues this pattern over the next couple months he could see himself neck and neck with John Edwards.


SubscribersNet Gain from last weekLast weeks power ranking
#1 Barack Obama4685+255 1
#2 John Edwards1858+292 3
#3 Hillary Clinton1566+92 2
#4 Dennis Kucinich741+68 4
#5 Bill Richardson477+33 5
#6 Joe Biden438+15 6
#7 Chris Dodd163+10 7

John Edwards stopped Barack Obama's dominance on YouTube. Edwards jumped back to 2nd in the power rankings with top week in subscriptions received. He received (37) more subscriptions than Obama. Hillary Clinton did not fair as well on YouTube this past week as she barely beat out second teir candidates in subscriptions received. Second tier candidates are a considerible distance behind the top tier candidates but Dennis Kucinich is slowly distancing himself out of the crowd. Kucinich received a total number of subscriptions (68) greater than the Richardson, Biden and Dodd combined (58). One thing for certain is Chris Dodd has no support coming in on the social networks to date. Over the past 2 weeks Dodd has gained only (25) YouTube subscriptions which is not going to cut it for a candidate needing to spread his meassage.

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