Saturday, July 21, 2007

Which Presedential Candidate votes the way that you would vote?

With the 2008 Presidential Election fast approaching it is time to know your candidates before you cast that all important vote for one of them. One issue doesn't make a candidate, it is the combination of all the issues as a whole that should be your decider.

Mainstream media picks frontrunners and plasters their faces front and center for everyone to see. But do they really vote for your values? The best way to find out is to dig through their past voting records to see their history on the issues. That can be a daunting task digging through past votes at many different levels of politics. Thankfully there is a site that has eliminated all the work for us and we just answer a few questions and it spits out the data.

Try it out for yourself, it may suprise you who has voted when it counts the way you would have voted. Click the link and it will open up a new window.

I took the test and I have been supporting the right candidate from the get go. Dennis kucinich votes the way I would vote 71% of the time.

My results:

1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate (100%)
2. Dennis Kucinich (71%)
3. Alan Augustson (campaign suspended) (70%)
4. Barack Obama (66%)
5. Christopher Dodd (61%)
6. Joseph Biden (60%)
7. Hillary Clinton (58%)
8. John Edwards (58%)
9. Wesley Clark (not announced) (57%)
10. Al Gore (not announced) (56%)
11. Bill Richardson (51%)
12. Mike Gravel (49%)
13. Ron Paul (47%)
14. Michael Bloomberg (not announced) (46%)
15. Elaine Brown (33%)
16. Kent McManigal (campaign suspended) (31%)
17. Mike Huckabee (29%)
18. Tommy Thompson (27%)
19. John McCain (27%)
20. Rudolph Giuliani (22%)
21. Mitt Romney (22%)
22. Chuck Hagel (not announced) (17%)
23. Sam Brownback (16%)
24. Duncan Hunter (16%)
25. Newt Gingrich (not announced) (16%)
26. Tom Tancredo (16%)
27. Fred Thompson (not announced) (15%)
28. Jim Gilmore (withdrawn) (13%)


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Brad said...

I took it as well and Kucinich was by far the top person on my list. It would be nice to get more people to take these types of polls.